Artselab: Art for Your Feet

It’s a boot. It’s a sneaker. It’s artisanat. With the greatest comfort, superior Italian craftsmanship and futuristic style, we say it’s all that, and more. Take a (virtual) stroll with us through the Artselab collection at LECLAIREUR and see these super cool pedi-sculptures for yourself.


Situated near the Adriatic coast in Italy, Artselab was founded by Guiliano Balestra, designer and boot maker with over twenty years in the trade. A l’Italiano, he and his family are growing the business, catering to an avant-garde eye that seeks the unique, and the wisdom that says a well-cradled pair of feet can take you farther.

While Artselab of course makes a classic black model of all its styles, Balestra’s artistic process and sensibility lead to flashes of white, metal and even wood, placed in exactly the right spots, creating literal works of art that you can tread around in. The thick soles and hand-fabrication ensure this master’s craft, and ensures us that post-modern design has a another new venue — just look down.



Exclusively available in all our LECLAIREUR stores (except Saint Ouen).