MARSELL – No Strings Attached

What transcends Italian label Marsèll’s shoes collection, since its very creation and right down to its name, even, is a taste for playfulness. Marsèll is actually an anagram for Roberto, Marco and Elisa Cima, its founders’ given names. The three special, uber-creative siblings love to cover their tracks, their identities, and most of all, play with our conception of classical shoes might look like.leclaireur-marsell-shoes01

Marsèll’s shoe collection available at Leclaireur

Do we have your attention? Now imagine the most classical, traditional pairs of shoes ever created – Oxford Brogues, Richelieu, Derbies… and trust Marsèll to work their magic. They will come back to you looking the same, yet completely different, after undergoing a special treatment. leclaireur-marsell-new-collection-01

Marsèll brings to their creations unprecedented twists, focusing on a simple facette, or unfolding the design’s entire structure. In the process, details will either vanish, be pulled apart or exaggerated, become amplified or overly dramatized. Heels turn into sculptures, soles are distorted, incurved…leclaireur-marsell-new-collection-02

Truth be told, Marsèll’s talent reveals itself in the most unexpected places, as the Cima siblings revel in revisiting their classics, restructuring them, thinking the whole thing all over, time and time again. They have more than one trick up their sleeves, each pair coming packed with surprises. Even Marsèll signature is invisible, if only because the shoes are seamless. Never fear, though, their vocation is to make shoes. Comfortable, wearable, indisputable shoes with an unconventional, sophisticated and recreational elegance, with a meticulous handmade touch on high quality rubber and leather, which offer a certain raw roughness at times, and a soft, more refined aspect at others.



Marsèll’s shoe collection are 100% Made In Italy and available at Leclaireur before leaping off, with you, to your favorite parts of the world.