MAP OF THE HEART – Pretty in pink

There is something addictive in the air… Map of the Heart has just released a sixth fragrance.

Pink Heart is full of sass, full of life, both natural and synthetic: it opens with shiso and basil, lets out a mix of narcissus and jasmine, a floral explosion that leads to the bubblegum-like scent of childhood toys.
As feminine as can be, the fragrance addresses every step of life, in turn sweet like childhood, vibrant like a teenage rebellion, or poised like all adults should be.

Pink Heart Map of the Heart Leclaireur

Perfumes like emotions, fragrances like colors, each bottle has its own identity, its own story, its own movie with its own heroine: an emancipated couple in the white glow of nature, a woman falling from a tower, an explosive girl in red, a woman rising from a gold field, or a purple savage beauty. And now, let it be known, there’s a new girl in town, a pink rock’n’roll princess in a black and pink deserted and surreal world.

Pink Heart Map of the Heart Leclaireur

Born from the fantasies of multi-talented Australian couple Jeffrey Darling and Sarah Blair, Map of the Heart is known to tie in emotions and scents, and draws a singular cartography of the heart.

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