BARAONDA – Son of Chaos

Baraonda stands, in Italian, for confusion, or disturbance. Which is exactly what this tenth perfume brings to the Nasomatto collection. Alessandro Gualtieri just added an unexpected final act to the previously released “Blamage” which was to mark, with its shattered hazelwood cap, a closing point itself.


Understandably, the Italian perfumer couldn’t quite restrain himself and chose to play one last trick on our avid minds. Diving into Gualtieri’s olfactory imagination bears some resemblance to entering Dr Caligari’s cabinet. A Nasomatto fragrance exudes its own unique wondrous mirage. Baraonda comes from a land of duality, dressed in amber spirits, reminiscent of liquor even, and suggests the impossible: “Drink me”. Mirrored by the deep notes of red fruits, mint, bourbon and brandy, its dimensions multiply, awakening the senses, leading to a tasty and sensual – almost-Eros related – world.nasomatto-leclaireur-alessandrogualtieri-baraonda

As always since Nasomatto’s inception in 2007, Alessandro Gualtieri, who’s also responsible for Orto Parisi, has left the olfactory construct of his most recent achievement unknown.
“China White”, “Narcotic Venus”, Absinth”… the House’s creations tend to evoke artificial paradises, blurred lines and man-made mental creations. Today, with the carnal chaos of “Baraonda”, one should expect the unexpected, provoked by sheer emotion that rise, intoxicating, addictive, even, trapped in a bottle, yearning to their freedom, and yours.