A DOSE OF SOMETHING GOOD – Upton’s Memory Lane

A Dose of Something Good presents us with more than candles, and comes as a promise: one part fragrance, one part bliss, a dose of what the senses need, a dose of awakening, a reminiscence of memories, hidden in a forbidden, yet never lost paradise, a dose of something good enough to jumpstart your heart.

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Introduced during Tranoï Perfume in New York in 2016, these seven candles hail the nose itself as their narrative hero and leading figure in the great saga of our five senses. Australian designer Robert Upton knows better than anyone what a single memory can offer: now based in Singapore, having left behind his native lands in search of adventure. He created A Dose of Something Good in 2010, in the trail of his unsuccessful quest for his wife’s dream candle. His frustration lead him to his own personal holy grail, with this collection of exceptional scents all imagined with an exceptional woman in mind.

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Hand-poured, produced in very limited editions, each candle is made out of a high-end wax blend, cast in a ceramic jar and topped with a precious nose-shaped lid. Produced in collaboration with Serax – a Belgian ceramic-specialised company – these candles become our windows onto to new worlds and imaginary elsewheres.

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Seven candles, seven realms, seven luminous fragrances, each extracted from Upton’s personal musings and memories. Take, for instance, Kamadeva’s Arrow, in reference to the Hindi god of love: the fragrance shoots arrows tipped with magnolia petals, and leaves an unforgettable scent. Rose Your Bottega evokes a poetic spring infused with roses and litchis, while Indigo Violet echoes endless fields of violets.

Not the candle type? Take a look at the Snuff Box: 14 plaster nose casts and their scented oils, ready to trigger long-forgotten memories you’d even forgotten were made in the first place. Wake up and smell the flowers.

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