ZIGGY CHEN – Shanghai History, Today’s Menswear

Ziggy Chen had years of business experience and a long-nurtured passion for fashion when the stars aligned and, sensing the changing winds of menswear, he launched his eponymous label, and the first Ziggy Chen collection, in 2012. With an intrinsic wealth of inspirational Shanghai material in his bones, the designer’s been bringing us consistently beautiful, articulated joy since.

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Chen designs luxurious, distinguished pieces for today’s man on the move and a globally sophisticated eye. He delves, with a poetic heart, into his cultural heritage while tuning his design antenna to the modern world flourishing all around us. Rigorous in his process and loyal to his original concept of bringing contrast and experimentation together, Chen builds on this foundation, adding new and original touches to each collection to reach the next phase of his vision.DSC_1650

Chen sources broadly from mills around the world, and has gone as far as to invent new fabrics, based on those dating from early last century. With the sensibility of a Taoist nomad, his meticulously crafted pieces achieve a sensation that has the East meeting the West, the rural meeting the urban, the worker meeting the dandy. Fibrous, organic materials such as wool, hemp and linen blend with leathers and fine cottons to yield garments that are rugged, energetic and cosmopolitan.



A Shanghai street vibe reverberates through each silhouette, evoking the mystique and grit of old times, while calling out to flaneur aesthetes du jour everywhere.

Take a stroll and visit with Ziggy Chen’s work, uniquely available at LECLAIREUR Sévigné.