UNUM – Smells like holy spirit

UNUM – unity in latin. Filippo Sorcinelli’s intentions are simple enough: to create five fragrances of mystic statures, able to bring both our body and spirit together, beyond time, like a delicately scented composition of harmonious melodies. LAVS is the very first of a perfume collection bearing the name of the sacred garments workshop he founded in 2001. The former papal tailor, when serving Benedict XVI and Francis, fell head over heels in love with the world of precious fragrances.


ROSA 3 (1)


The Italian perfumer Filippo Sorcinelli originally created LAVS in order to distillate scents on the various ornaments of his garment pieces. It is now available for those who find solace in noble materials and avant-garde creation, yet yearn to infuse spirituality into all aspects of their life. Lovers of ambergris and wooden scents will easily connect with LAVS, if only because it reunites the precious personality of jasmine and the spiciness of black pepper. Each fragrance has its own story, its own life. Symphonie Passion was created in honor of Scorcinelli’s journey taken in the footsteps of the XXth century famous organ player Marcel Dupré. Opus 1144 reminisces of the nocturnal vision and the idea of rebirth.


The small monolithic perfume bottles come in black, metal or gold, like ancient creations designed by nature. Their straight, sharp lines recall another era, another time. Each fragrance is nestled inside a black cardboard box which opens like an ancient book which very well could provide the soul with the answers it longs for, and offer reconciliation, peace and a feeling of unity : UNUM.

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