TECKNOMONSTER – Hell of a Ride

When it comes to creation, Italia has become a synonym for greatness, beauty and luxury. Sweet, sweet exhilarating names such as Gucci, Fendi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and others have made history. Enter Tecknomonster, a luggage brand now known for crafting technological monsters with enough power under their belt to spontaneously combust the most demanding of minds, if we may.leclaireur-Tecknomonster-suitcase-04

Carbon fiber bodies, cashmere or crocodile coatings, marquetry inserts, aluminum, gold or whatever precious alloy you may wish – as long as metals convey exhilaration: the only boundaries a Tecknomonster suitcase will face, is your imagination’s limits.



Drawing its fiery spirit from its native country, Tecknomonster has gone the extra mile, taking travel accessories further than no one ever has, using blasting Gran Turismo car materials. Should you still need proof, we suggest you take their bulletproof suitcases for a ride.

Moving fast, Leclaireur caught up with Barbara Fischer, Tecknomonster’s CEO, for a high speed interview.


LECLAIREUR: How did you get started in the super high-end technology world?

TECKNOMONSTER: Tecknomonster was founded in 2007 by its parent company Orobianco, and Giacomo Valentini. Having worked in the fashion and design industry for many years, the company owner chose to focus on developing the Orobianco brand which produces around 530,000 pieces every year of standard nylon bags and accessories. He then used this background to create a line of luggages with craftsmanship skills impossible to copy, assembling all this know-how in one single factory.



L: How do you transform something so utilitarian into one of the most refined luxury goods we’ve seen in a long time?

T: Our idea was to build up a company featuring every quality an aerospace company could provide, and to bring aerospace technology inside the business of fashion. These pieces of luggage are imagined and created like we would luxury cars. We wanted to mix that specific field’s most advanced technology and use it to create luggages and items people can carry with them everyday. Might it be gold, titanium, special closures or wheels, everything is possible. In terms of luxury, our customers know no boundaries.

We started by using materials from car companies like Lamborghini or Porsche. Allowing us to produce unique parts for other companies. Glider, for example, ordered us carbon fiber parts only our machinery can produce. We even worked with a 5 times Olympic champion on a special project.
Our technology has been allowing us not only to produce the best luggages we had in mind, but the best products in many other different fields: extreme-sportswear, design, home…



L: Everything is made in Italy. Is that a convenient choice because you’re based in Italy or is that a strategical choice, because what you do and how you do it is better in Italy than anywhere else?

T: The Orobianco holding was born in 1996, when many companies were moving outside Italy because of the production costs. Giacomo Valentini wanted to create a company established in Italy in order to keep alive all the Italian tradition and all the Italian culture surrounding creation.
Today, moving production abroad or choosing other suppliers would be irrelevant. Our company provides material to companies like Augusta, a renowned helicopter firm. Also, there’s an historical background revolving around aerospace and technology in the area where we’re located in. That’s why we try to keep alive the Italian tradition while making the most of the latest high-technologies.

We’ve been using one of the most worldwide advanced technology. We teamed up with a French engineering company creating a quantic machine, whose engineers are helping us to develop our tools to best meet our needs.
Even our stitching robots are the most advanced there is.

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L: What kind of life does the Tecknomonster customer have?

T: We consider that we can divide our customers into two categories. The first one is a business traveler who goes not only to safe places but also dangerous ones. So this is why we want them to carry something that could protect them as well as their computer, datas etc. This kind of customer buys a 6000€ piece of luggage instead of buying a watch. The second one is someone who already has everything. That wants something different, something he can personalize. Our production Has been allowing us to personalize 99% of the products we craft.
For example most of the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley – and so on – owners seek a set of luggage matching their car seats or trim. Last month, one of our customer asked us for a complete series matching the seats of his Ferrari. So we got in touch with the Italian producer of the Ferrari seats and made it happen

L: These suitcases are bulletproof, why? what’s going on? 

T: Today, there is nothing as luxurious as protection.
Two months ago we created a carbon fiber 10-watch case with Richard Mille. All these kind of upgrades are possible for us because we have our own production line. The customer can come inside our factory and ask us to produce something specific. There is a single step between the idea and the production. The beauty of it is that it allows us to have infinite possibilities.




L: And then what? James Bond?

T: We have many Hollywood actors who have already bought our products, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Samuel L. Jackson for example. But most of them have strict exclusivity contracts with more classical luxury brands, so they cannot advertise our goods. But they do buy them.
This is a secret, but we are happy to share: Tecknomonster will be featured in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. We started a collaboration with Warner Bros, not only for this movie but for other movies in the future.

L: Is there one piece or one model that would be your favorite? And why? How do you feel about the pieces?

T: The ones I use. All the metal parts are made in gold and the inside of yellow crocodile leather. The other is a champaign-case, white crocodile, soft carbon fiber, and red cashmere inside.


Tecknomonster luggage are available at Leclaireur.