Summertime, and the living is easy

Join Leclaireur and photographer Julien Benhamou, after our last epic sessions with François Alu and Juliette Guernez on an adventure with dancer Mickaël Lafon. Whereto, you ask? The banks of the ever so beautiful Molitor center, where our Fall Winter 2017 collections suit the grace and the poise of Lafon. The Opera dancer undoubtly knows how to extend style beyond his moving body. Under Benhamou‘s eye, garments evolve like contrasting pieces of art on a vibrant blue backdrop.

The mythical well-being and lifestyle monument that Molitor instantly became when it reopened last year, was just the kind of playground Leclaireur loves. Founded in 1929, it used to be the epicenter of family fun and weekend gatherings, before closing in the 80s. It rapidly turned into an underground Parisian culture spot, complete with fearless nights, for an entire generation. Today, the Historic Monument has been transformed in a high-end venue, dedicated to… your blissful self.

Leclaireur honors style and reinvention. From Kanghyuk and its airbag coats, to the Moncler x Greg Lauren collaboration, via Yohji Yamamoto’s sweatpants and Ziggy Chen’s take on what it takes, these photos will also move your body, with heart and soul.

DSC_9231 copie

Moncler X Greg Lauren Coat, Yohji Yamamoto Pants

DSC_9237 copie

Kanghyuk Jacket

DSC_9272 copie


DSC_9280 copie

Leclaireur X Greg Lauren Pants

DSC_9289 copie


DSC_9315 copie


DSC_9427 copie

Moncler x Greg Lauren Sweater, Leclaireur X Greg Lauren Pants

DSC_9432 copie

DSC_9436 copie

DSC_9452 copie

DSC_9453 copie

DSC_9464 copie

DSC_9510 copie

Moncler X Greg Lauren Pants

DSC_9544 copie

Moncler X Greg Lauren

DSC_9549 copie

DSC_9602 copie

Leclaireur X Greg Lauren

DSC_9627 copie

Ziggy Chen Jacket

DSC_9562 copie

DSC_9572 copie

DSC_9581 copie

DSC_9587 copie


Photographer: Julien Benhamou
Model: Mickaël Lafon
Assistant Photographer: Julien Pannetier
Styling: Leclaireur

Leclaireur wishes to thank Molitor for its warm welcome.