STEPHEN WEBSTER — romancing the gemstone with a Poison Apple

Channel your inner witch with the Poison Apple ring: an exceptional piece that recalls the wicked pleasure of wearing a secret.


Once upon a time and time again, amidst a pale young girl and some whistling dwarves, there was an evil poison apple. Today, and in no less than real life, legendary jewellery designer Stephen Webster has created a series of vessel rings in 18k gold, encrusted with precious gemstones. The rings fit into a meta story of sorts: Webster has playfully titled his collection “Murder She Wrote”. These rings are the stars of the series.

Tired of the revisited, reinvented chain lockets? The Poison Apple ring beckons: stash a lock of your lover’s hair, a keepsake or, in the modern era, your salts, and even your sugar, Sugar. Two remarkably refined, proportioned and bejewelled hands (including bangled wrists) offer up the gemstone pavéed apple, so it adorns the finger much like any cocktail ring. Except this one has a top that opens and clasps closed. Nothing screams « abracadabra » quite like these pieces.


Available in three variations — 18k yellow gold with clear diamonds and yellow sapphires, 18k yellow gold with clear and black diamonds, and 18k pink gold with clear diamonds and rubies — the Poison Apple ring also exists in two sizes: Large and, of course, Dwarf.

Try on the ring at Le Royal Eclaireur, avenue Hoche.