STARCK Paris – The Space Between

A collection of perfumes designed by one of the most forward-thinking designers of our time? Science, magic, poetry and love are the ingredients chosen by Philippe Starck to capture the essence of our beings.

Designer Philippe Starck and Armand Hadida share a rich history. Going back to 2010, LECLAIREUR’s founder met with the designer as he was in charge of the Royal Monceau’s renovation. Le Royal LECLAIREUR being hosted in the Parisian palace, Hadida suggested it might be wise for Starck to decorate the space as well, to keep coherency between the two entities.
Today, Starck Paris has chosen LECLAIREUR Sévigné to celebrate the designer’s incursion in the exclusive world of designer fragrances.


One step away from the very material, very concrete conception of an object per se, Philippe Starck has chosen to shift his visionary focus on the ethereal, abstract creation of not just one, but a series of fragrances. Exploring the unknown, diving into uncharted territories. Those familiar with the designer’s personal history know that he pretty much grew up in the hidden corners of his mother’s perfume shop. Throughout his childhood, the extraordinary olfactive multiplicity, layers and possibilities were bound to leave the strongest of impressions on the young boy. An everlasting connection with pluridimensional world of perfumes was born, one that would sustain the designer’s creativity alive and running for decades.

Enthralled by romantic notions and a deep outlook into the poetic aspect of the perfume, Philippe Starck turned to three master perfumers to turn his dream into a reality.




Conceived with Dominique Ropion, Peau de Soie is a paradox, a dialogue, « a woman’s perfume on the surface, with the heart of a man ».
If Peau de Soie is the Yin, Peau de Pierre is its Yang. Imagined with Daphné Bugey, Peau de Pierre offers the designer’s take on “the highly evolved minds of today’s modern men”. Masculine by essence, it reveals the ambiguity of a soft, feminine side.
In the invisible space between those two planes lies an unknown world, bottled by Starck and Annick Menardo. Peau d’Ailleurs. Its a cosmic fragrance, made of pure spirit, one that shoots like stars and asteroids, one that transports us on a journey towards infinity, releasing that unknown portion of the universe enclosed in our human bodies.


Phlippe Starck toys with borders and lines, offering his own take on the gender barrier, a unique and modern view on what masculinity and femininity might mean in our modern era. From the past, albeit – as always – reaching out into the future, Starck has imagined three original scents, and three bottles, shaping a complex evocative network that transgresses the lines that define what makes a man, what makes a woman, what makes us… human.