SONG FOR THE MUTE – Beau-hemian Rhapsody

With a collection titled « Beau », Song For The Mute’s Spring/Summer 2017 is bound to be… beautiful. And Bohemian too, filled with a thirst for new sensations and experiences.

2016.06.19 Song for the Mute SS17 Lighting Trials228685 Leclaireur

Lina Ty and Melvin Tanaya have imagined minimalistic garments, the way musicians might compose simple, irresistible tunes. Each detail – fabrics, treatments, prints, buttons even – is conceived like one of the notes to a score their four-handed playing brings to life. This how they do it, and have been, since their very first collection in 2010.

2016.11.17 Song For The Mute Still Life16151 copie

2016.11.17 Song For The Mute Still Life16196 copie

Inspired by impressionists – and Claude Monet’s painting in particular, they’ve invented a mixed wardrobe, where linen flirts with silk and cotton.

SS17_MW_Look_10 Leclaireur


Song For The Mute collection

Clothes are aerial and light, jackets are technical, shirts are freed from collars or vintage their way into the 50s, with a certain sheerness to them. Open, they show off t-shirts made of innovative cotton, or fall over high-waisted pants. Loose cuts bring a touch of nonchalance to floral prints, the matte finish of linen contrasts with the shimmer of silk, enhancing hand-inked prints, making each of the season’s piece, unique. Add hand-burnt buffalo horn buttons, as well as the « dry » feel of cognac-coated cotton, and there you have it: the final notes to a timeless collection, filled with stories once lived and others left to experience.

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