Your favourite pair of jeans that you can’t, or won’t, travel without. The shoes you keep saying you should toss, but each walk to the trash bin finishes at the shoe repair shop. Your first elegant, uniquely constructed (or deconstructed) jacket that made you feel like the adult you’ve actually become — the agent of your own journey. This is how we love our clothing today. Like treasured friends we simply won’t leave, our favorite pieces are, to quote LECLAIREUR founder Armand Hadida, our companions de route. This is at the heart of the Shigoto project.

[Reminder: the 15 Shigoto designers, among the most electrifying in fashion today, took the classic, basic, transversal 4-pocket Japanese Shigoto (work) jacket and were given carte blanche to reinterpret it in two forms: 1 museum piece, which we’ve already explored here and here, and in limited edition series’ which are available, today, at all LECLAIREUR stores here in Paris.]

To shoot the limited edition pieces, we had to think about where Shigoto belongs. And ultimately we concluded it belongs everywhere that there’s something to build, which is more or less everywhere you are. So where better than 3000 sq meters of wide open industrial space filled with cast-off treasure and neo-modern vibe. Abandoned. Naturally lit. Organically urban. All you need to reinvent, and build something new.

Our very tight edit is just a taste. Take a trip in your mind, and then visit the entire project in our stores — imagine the places you’ll go with your Shigoto.



Inventive Citi created the limited edition version of their museum piece — the first ever civilian bulletproof vest — using a rugged, textured high-tech polyester from Toray to envelope the laminated layers of kevlar, and of course you.



Inspired by early 20th century French workwear style, moleskine fabrics and Parisian street gang les Apaches, Aganovich created a Shigoto limited edition that is both right this very moment and timeless, and waves at the museum piece with its patches of the same Vanners jacquard.



Isaac Sellam actually created two limited editions for Shigoto, the leather we show here, and a tyvek version you’ll simply have to discover in-store, both featuring Sellam’s signature staple spine running down the back panel.



Uma Wang + Ricardo Bruni of Lyria came together in the application of these magnificent jacquards to the Shigoto museum and limited edition pieces. The fabric, created especially for Uma Wang, merges Lyria’s luxurious Italian savoir-faire with recognisable, meaningful Chinese symbology. The cut is pure oh-so-cool Uma Wang.


Made from a Bonotto Archivio rami (same family as linen) fabrics, LECLAIREUR’s limited edition Shigoto takes us from day to night with a double collar (the 2nd one is satin, tucked away inside the jacket and ideal for the cocktail party you’ve got to hit after a full day of running all over town) and ultra-modernist finishings. Oh snap — those snaps!



MA+ took the museum piece origami pattern — the one where there are no seams but the cut is perfect — and applied it to their limited edition. In leather. This writer just got weak in the knees.



Ziggy Chen continues his exploration of utilitarian functionality and aesthetics with deconstructed pockets and kevlar patchwork that still maintain the warm beauty of imperfection.


Suzusan’s shibori technique gave us a truly unique and dramatic museum piece. For the limited edition, they went really back to basics, still applying shibori at the collar and waistline, but now with a deep blue fabric they then over-dyed black.


Photography: Sylvain Lewis assisted by George Dragan
Creative direction: La Frenchy (Mary-Noelle Dana, Michael Hadida) & Sylvain Lewis for LECLAIREUR
Hair & Make-up: Kasia Furtak
Model: Wael Sersoub (@Success)