Originating as a silhouette in Japanese work-wear, the Shigoto jacket has always enjoyed widespread appreciation for its simplicity and practicality. For SHIGOTO PROJECT, each of the 16 Shigoto jackets conceived convey elements required for 21st century work — utility, elegance, comfort, ease, versatility and mobility. Yet each creation is unique, distinct, so clearly formed by the creative voice of its maker. Couture methods inform these expressions of a garment that has historically been for the masses.

SHIGOTO PROJECT by LECLAIREUR x PREMIERE VISION is about more than the finished piece. It is, as its name insists, about the work, the craftsmanship, about those involved who most people, most consumers, wearers, even collectors, never see — the textile designers and weavers, the hardware and trim designers. Fashion, which at its heart is a long, involved, multi-chain process, exists thanks to all these craftspeople.

Without them there is no fashion. With them, the work itself is as much the art as the final product.

Cue drum beat!

Video directed by Bauer & Gaubert-Verrier / STUDIO JUNGLE.
Creative direction: La Frenchy (Mary-Noelle Dana, Michael Hadida, Dara Lynn Schlissel) & STUDIO JUNGLE for LECLAIREUR
Hair & Make-up: Julia Wretzky
Model: Romain (@Rockmen)
Music: Time Travel – Superpoze (Warner Chappell)

PAP Janvier 201518903


Clothes reflect all the light they receive.
The original fabrics used by ANREALAGE react when they are flashed by light, resulting in the unique appearance of colors and patterns. The technique was developed in collaboration with an emerging company specialized in recursive reflective paint, displayed in markers and signs of construction sites. The Shigoto they created responds to the flash of cameras, reflecting reality while evoking a dream.



Embellishing the Shigoto with a hood, MOOHONG’s piece is made from a linen, silk, and cotton blend. The most recent of all the designers in the LECLAIREUR collective, brings his unrestricted, androgynous aesthetic, his intense monochrome mixing eastern and western sensibilities and asymmetric drapes to the Shigoto’s utility, giving it an unexpected sculptural volume.



Suzusan creates fabrics based on an ancient Japanese textile finishing technique called Shibori. Literally translated as wring, twist, this heritage has typically been used for Kimono for centuries.
This sensitive handicraft has been succeeded from mother to daughter, father to son for over 400 years. The fusion of hand-dyed colors and sheer fabrics used in the Shigoto is a new take on the tradition.



Masters of polyester fabric innovation, Japan’s Toray created an expressive fabric that was woven via their proprietary Senbism technique — the use of synthetic fibers cultivated from traditional Japanese weaving, knitting & dying.


Ziggy Chen

Interpretation of the object from an opposing angle led Ziggy Chen to explore a thought-provoking collision between utilitarian functionality and his ultimately aesthetic approach.
Scattered over the minimalist workers jacket, “useless” elements bring a sense of warmth, which, in contrast to the perfectionist attitude of the original garment, suggest the beauty of imperfection.

About the music:

Superpoze (c) Nathanne LE CORRE_9143-small

Since his speed-of-light emergence onto the thumping electro scene of northern French town Caen, Gabriel Legeleux, today known as Superpose, has been steadily climbing the stairway of success.

The Think live tour that hit all the major festivals (from Rennes’ Transmusicales to the Montreux Jazz Festival), DJ sets that blazed across Europe and the two EP’s he released on his eponymous label “Combien Mille Records, another EP and tour with his band Kuage, a collaboration with his friend Stwo and a collaboration with fashion and music label Kitsuné… and now, out of this volcano of activity, Superpoze has dropped a tight, yet incredibly free new album. Opening is nothing short of a revolution when it comes to the “Superpoze sound”. Stepping back from the beat-mastery he’s so fondly shared with us for all these years, he now embarks on unexplored territories — those of a deeply personal, moving and daring musical expression, which embraces melody like never before.