Shigoto. Shi-go-to. The word itself has rhythm, emerging from the mouth like the ra-ta-ta-ta of a drum beat. And a drum beat intro, this project deserves.

Starting with one classic, simple style, and allowing designers carte blanche to create without commercial requirements or constraints, SHIGOTO PROJECT by LECLAIREUR x PREMIERE VISION is a platform upon which each designer involved over the past two years was asked and inspired to express their own variation on what is arguably the ultimate outerwear garment, the Shigoto jacket.

Video directed by Bauer & Gaubert-Verrier / STUDIO JUNGLE.
Creative direction: La Frenchy (Mary-Noelle Dana, Michael Hadida, Dara Lynn Schlissel) & STUDIO JUNGLE for LECLAIREUR
Hair & Make-up: Maeva Coree
Model: Romain (@Rockmen)
Music: Unlive – Superpoze (Warner Chappell)


By Walid

Using unique 19th century kimono’s silk adorned with heavy embroideries, By Walid’s Shigoto evokes medieval Japan and Shinto philosophy. Sartorial and minimalist vision shape-shifts the work aesthetic to another level.

Greg Lauren

With his ultimate duster-style Shigoto, Greg evokes the Wild West of the United States, communicating to us what work might look like for post-modern cowboy. He used over-dyed and re-purposed military duffle bags and tents as well as antique military-style brass hardware, and created an exceptional, extensible train that hooks back up to the collar. The piece is finished with line drawings done in the designer’s own hand.


Mastercraft Union

Hiroyuki Yoshikawa + Stephen Atkinson’s backpack jacket epitomizes innovative skill + utilitarian design. He used an exclusive Japanese black indigo washi paper fabric, along with a combination of fire, resin, stone and water to create this finish. Embellished by vintage military trim and hardware, Yoshikawa & Atkinson’s Shigoto brings to mind images of Blade Runner, and fills us with a futuristic, adventurous inspiration.


Maurizio Amadei +

Created from an intricate origami pattern — there are no seams on this garment — this MAURIZIO AMADEI + creation feels like a protective, comforting second skin.
Having gone deep into the fabric archives, the designer chose a double-layered, needle punched, wool linen fabric, sourced a decade ago from Japan, and befittingly crossed it with this one-of-a-kind construction techniques and handcrafted details.



Translating the Shigoto into a long and voluminous raw cotton and linen canvas, Yasuhiro embellished the forearms of his piece with an embroidered Japanese wing motif to celebrate his creative freedom.
The hood and zip closure furthers the transition of utilitarian to cozy.
To express the ephemeral nature of beauty and the inevitability of its decay, a central theme for the Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO, each of the holes in this work was cut by hand and “aged” or “burnt” by airbrush. The “burns” evoke a double entendre, asking us to consider what the passage of time implies today for all humanity.


Uma Wang

Using Lyria’s exclusive, rich jacquard, Uma Wang juxtaposed the fabric by lining her pieces with her signature, (seemingly simple) coffee-dyed silk. The resulting work authentically expresses the designer’s elegant, powerful voice, blending delicacy and austerity with uncompromising character, while recalling the Chinese paintings from the Song dynasty.

About the music:

Superpoze (c) Nathanne LE CORRE_9143-small

Since his speed-of-light emergence onto the thumping electro scene of northern French town Caen, Gabriel Legeleux, today known as Superpose, has been steadily climbing the stairway of success.

The Think live tour that hit all the major festivals (from Rennes’ Transmusicales to the Montreux Jazz Festival), DJ sets that blazed across Europe and the two EP’s he released on his eponymous label “Combien Mille Records, another EP and tour with his band Kuage, a collaboration with his friend Stwo and a collaboration with fashion and music label Kitsuné… and now, out of this volcano of activity, Superpoze has dropped a tight, yet incredibly free new album. Opening is nothing short of a revolution when it comes to the “Superpoze sound”. Stepping back from the beat-mastery he’s so fondly shared with us for all these years, he now embarks on unexplored territories — those of a deeply personal, moving and daring musical expression, which embraces melody like never before.