SEOUL’s 10 SOUL PROJECT – From South Korea with love

Until July 10, LECLAIREUR welcomes the South Korean fashion avant-garde with ten hot from the press innovative designers selected during the Seoul Fashion Week. This seventh edition of the 10 Soul Project is curated, as always, by the Seoul Design Foundation.lkoreaneditorial57871 copie


These ten designers, breaking the rules and reshaping the future of a generation filled with hope and creativity, bring together their sense of fashion mixed with a groundbreaking simplicity. Drawing their inspiration from the streets (BLINDNESS, MÜNN), spontaneously mixing up bombers and perfectos with check and pleated pants, Seoul’s 10 Soul Project is a fascinating show of strong personalities. Streetwear flirts urban elegance, with loose, very loose black garments (VLADES) and ultra-structured silhouettes (MOOHONG) that open new paths towards future directions, oversizing the oversized, pushing the details out of the envelope.

lkoreaneditorial58495 copie

Bomber jacket, sweater, shirt, pants: MÜNN

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MOOHONG and LECLAIREUR go way back. With a PhD in Politics, the designer’s more interested in dialectic than ephemeral trends, and makes a point of designing « counter-intuitive » urban outfits that scream « style ». His work is a doorway to the expression of philosophical thinking, with juxtaposition techniques and monochromatic lines.
Emphasized lines are also on this season’s menu for RESURRECTION and KAAL E’SUKTAE, whose pleats – directly sewn on the fabric – provide the silhouettes with a new dynamic and blur the boundaries between the feminine and the masculine.

Have a look at LECLAIREUR’s selection of Seoul’s 10 Soul Project, exclusively available in Paris at LECLAIREUR Sévigné until July 10 – when the new South-Korean generation flies off to Milan and other fashion capitals of the world.

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Pants: NOHKE

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Bomber jacket: MOOHONG
Pants: NOHKE

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Perfecto, shirts: BLINDNESS

Copie de lkoreaneditorial58045 copie


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Jacket and skirt: KAAL E’SUKTAElkoreaneditorial59079 copie

Sweater and pants: VLADES

Copie de lkoreaneditorial57675 copie

Pants, belt: NOHKE

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Bomber jacket, sweater, shirt, pants: MÜNN

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Jacket, t-shirt and pants: D.GNAK

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lkoreaneditorial59586 copie

Hoodie: TIIKI

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