SEMINALIS – Orto Parisi’s modern scents

Different colors, different smells, all ephemeral, changing according to seasons… The body as a garden, cultivated by the soul and caressed by the special hope to become a fertile ground to the most beautiful flowers, the body opens up like those who cultivate it. Seminalis is the latest olfactory experience created by the unbridled mind of creator Alessandro Gualtieri, and his sixth fragrance for Orto Parisi, following the likes of Boccanera, Viride or Bergamask.



Seminalis, a scent built on passion and free-spirited erotism, is almost warrior-like, shaping a unique bond between nature and our most intimate origins. This throwback to primal emotions, restrained by urban life, is an innermost journey, and a unique one too. The Italian avant-garde perfumer, also founder of Nasomatto, appeals to the creative instinct that lies dormant inside every body. Such creative instinct excites our animal condition, hidden in the shadows, ready to leap, and stimulates the uniqueness of human beings, as well as their yearning for fulfillment.

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Gualtieri, a landscaper of the modern senses, designs his garden like a world per se, a painting, even, motivated by one essential idea – the necessity to feel the pure substance of life. Strolling down the perfumed aisles of the garden, olfactive senses in total connection, reveling in their encounter with nature, offers something close to a return to origins. Close at hand, the packaging provides the eye with delightful features… an ancient and wild orchid, leather with the softest suede touch. On one side of the garden, ebony wood, cacao and black pepper rise. On the other side, an unexpected oddity: Seminalis. A creamy and ephemeral white, sowing the seeds of a love unlike anything other, wild and carnal. The soul opens itself to the forgotten scents of the early stages of life, and allows for a solar and renewed energy to radiate the body. Further away, a honey color, that of musk, serves as a delicate conclusion to this charming promenade, somewhere between daydream and delight.

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