SACAI – Modern Heroines

Sacai’s Spring/Summer 2017 is all about change, real, glorious change. It feels like an invitation to expand our minds, to turn traditional thinking upside down and inside out, and to follow the path of our favorite pop icons. Empowerment beckons.


Sacai Paris RTW Spring Summer 2017 September - October 2016


Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Picasso, Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin… Japanese designer Chitose Abe has set her creative spirit on a few great artists, whose life, work, personality and sense of style changed the world, in a sense, and at the very least, influenced our perception of said world. Shaping new silhouettes with a hybrid mind and a love for textures, Sacai has maintained – for almost 20 years now – its innovative and contemporary stature.
When Chitose Abe created Sacai in 1999 – from « Sakai », her maiden name, the designer chose to specialize in knitwear, before broadening her field, gifting the world with clothes she seeks for herself: confident, beautifying garments that exude a certain glow.

SS17-Sacai-fashion-105 Leclaireur

Her striking and refined femininity toys with strong symbols and keeps fabrics and associations light. Picasso’s striped jersey, Cobain’s cheetah fur, an anti-homophobic and feminist statement in itself, the lines of a Daniel Johnston top over a shirt, a sharp reminiscence of the punk era, a Hussar jacket as worn by Hendrix, feathers, vintage scarves, colors and patterns: from blue to pink and red, from checkered to Prince of Wales patterns… Chitose Abe manages to conjure, in one single item, several references, different attitudes, and gives each piece a new breadth by filling them with the energy of her passion.


Sacai Paris RTW Spring Summer 2017 September - October 2016

Sacai Paris RTW Spring Summer 2017 September - October 2016

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