ROSANTICA – Royal Attitudes

Michela Panero and LECLAIREUR love femininity and love to celebrate it greatly. Fascinated by Ancient History, the Italian designer draws her inspiration from Greco-Roman nude sculptures and engravings of the goddesses, queens and vestales who have defined, through the ages, what beauty truly stands for.

Her creations and ornaments are designed to dress the deepest necklines, to closely follow the back line and the soft curve of the hips. Her hand and ankle jewels, dipped into bowls of gold, her crowns and her tiaras result in unique and stunningly timeless pieces. Michela Panero’s imagination is limitless: she even designs chainmail head pieces, of exceptional delicacy, that are both incredibly modern, discreet and astonishing.

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Rosantica jewelry and head jewelry

Michela Panero shares with the Goddess Athena her expert and loving sense of craftsmanship. She only uses natural materials, precious and rare stones, bones and – her favorite amongst all – pearls. She cuts and sizes them, divides and then adapts them to create new lines along the skin, in an ever-flowing movement.LECLAIREUR-ROSANTICA2

The designer first made a name for herself with her head-jewellery, often associated with evening wardrobes sure to become the light and life of any party, filled with a poetic and magical quality that takes us on a journey through lost and imaginary castles, like an echo to Alain Fournier’s literary work.
That said, in her choice of bright colors and in the delicacy of the gold she uses, all of Rosantica’s romantic pieces reveal their young, urban and simple style in a way that is nothing short of a miracle. The complexity of the design, the process itself are so subtle that many city princesses tend to just wear them with a pair of jeans. They know, as we do, that great accessories are anything but accessory.

Celebrate feminity with Rosantica at LECLAIREUR Sévigné, Hérold and Boissy d’Anglas.