PJ Harvey x Ann Demeulemeester

PJ Harvey harnessed in Ann Demeulemeester gear! But of course! With the release of The Hope Six Demolition Project, her ninth album and a tour to support it, the rock singer-songwritter is given the perfect opportunity to officialize her long-lasting friendship with the Belgian fashion designer.

Picture by Maria Mochnacz

Picture by Patrick Robyn

In her fashion shows, Ann Demeulemeester uses music as a way to explain « what (she) tries to do », when the British singer considers clothing as a « second skin », « a protection too ».

In 2011, their friendship already blossomed when Polly Jean Harvey released Let England Shake. She used to take hold of the stage wearing a flowy dress, devoted to the mesmeric and powerful black depth it seemed to be made of, sometimes adorned with a leather belt, hugging her waist up to her chest like an armor. The very same year, Ann Demeulemeester adorned her friend with a feather headband and a (white !) corseted dress as the wild PJ was awarded the Mercury Prize “Album of the year”.PJ HARVEY ANN DEMEULEMEESTER photo credit Seamus Murphy LECLAIREUR

Picture by Seamus Murphy

It all started when PJ Harvey went to London to study sculpture at Central Saint Martins, and moved on to startle the music scene in 92, with the release of her first album Dry. Her husky, powerful yet restrained voice, which earned her comparisons with Patti Smith’s – who also shares a friendship with the Belgian fashion designer – sprawled alongside the music, filled with dark and sensual passion, an aesthetic that echoes Ann Demeulemeester’s work and the femme fatale silhouettes she creates, which appeared on the international stage in London six years ago.

The Ann Demeulemeester collection awaits you at LECLAIREUR, and PJ Harvey at the Zenith of Paris, next October 21, for her only show in France.