PIERRE BONNEFILLE – Get the bronze touch at Leclaireur Hérold

Last October 19, Leclaireur Hérold and an array of happy few gathered to celebrate painter, designer and « Maître d’art » Pierre Bonnefille’s new installation of works.

The event marked a busy, yet fruitful year for the French artist, what with his participation to prestigious fairs such as Design Days Dubai or Collective Design Fair in London, and his residency at Leclaireur Los Angeles last Summer, where he displayed his Furoshikis and his infamous Bronze Paintings.

Pierre-bonnefille-vernissage-Herold 47 copie

Pierre Bonnefille‘s artworks translate the textures and vibrations of light, while addressing the infinity and immensity of life. The result offers to the eye, and the soul, a complex, yet primitive feeling, a sense of freedom for which the worldly-acclaimed designer has come be known.

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Behind the antique doors of Leclaireur Hérold, under the welcoming eye of Pierre Bonnefille and his son Enzo who attended the event, three new and stunning Bronze Paintings are now on display. The large, vertical pieces express deep contrasts, reflecting the light, creating reliefs and motifs that seem to reach within the spectator’s heart.

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Hung on the wall in the main room, Bonnefille has chosen to present several new Furoshikis. The carbone artworks are assembled together, deployed towards the ceiling that seems a little higher, now, a little greater. The Furoshiki series was inspired by the artist’s recollections of a trip to Japan, and by the local tradition of wrapping and folding techniques used to protect precious objects.

Pierre-bonnefille-vernissage-Herold copie

The Maître d’Art is known for his unique approach to color and matter, as well as for the way he shapes and folds light in two dimensions. Inspired by his travels, by the landscapes he encounters, by nature and by life itself, the designer and artist uses his notes, sketches, watercolors and memories to translate both the moments, and the feelings born in those moments, into artworks to which he brings life, sometimes months or years later, with such materials as mineral powder and carbon.