PHILIPPE DI MEO – Love & Fresh Water

French designer Philippe Di Méo just launched Fleuve Tendre, his latest fragrance, and seized the opportunity to bestow a cool breeze upon the otherwise heat-struck Gardens of the Palais Royal.

The evening event turned into the kind of poetic happening we’ve learned to expect, by now, from Di Méo, who invited a handful of happy fews around appropriate bottles of rosé crus to unveil a feisty and spicy Fleuve Tendre, as audacious as it is turquoise blue.

Composer and cellist Sebastien Grandgambe, accompanied by pianist Sophie Maurin, braved the crushing heat and performed original music, in the steps of his initial participation collaboration on the Liquides Imaginaires campaign.
Shielded thanks to the shade cast by the trees and the colonnades, musicians and guests alike fell into the kind of languid bliss that good company and true talent can ignite.

Fleuve tendre comes as a new chapter in Philippe Di Meo’s olfactive tale. Second occurrence of the Eaux Imaginaires (Imaginary Waters) trilogy, this perfume is inspired by the precious 16th and 17th century novels whose idealised characters and refined feelings have rocked our imaginations forever. Fleuve Tendre takes us on a journey towards shores where freedom abounds, like an ode to eternal love.

The mandarin, vetiver, rose water and nutmeg notes demonstrate the designer’s vision, his appetite for adventure and his ability to capture innocence, purity and love in a bottle.

Let your heart skip a few beats along the currents of Fleuve Tendre, the new fragrance by Luquides Imaginaires, available at Leclaireur.