PER GÖTESSON – Where the Wild Things Are

Per Götesson came out of nowhere. Literally. As a boy, he grew up in the heart of Swedish forests, surrounded by a few people, meaning a handful of individuals, and well… trees. Lots of trees. With MTV as his window onto the world, his appetite for pop culture grew increasingly, and his natural penchant for weirdness soon turned into a deeply-rooted hunger for fashion. From a very early age, young Per Götesson chose to boldy express his anti-conformism, doing whatever it took, even, to match his hair color with the monochromatic outfits he’d embraced.

Per Gotesson Edito Where The Wild Things Are Leclaireur 1


From nowhere, he fiercely and definitely chose to be headed somewhere, and to Stockholm, firstly, and to London, ultimately. As a wildly successful fashion student, he freely turned his back to the masses and their lot of usually fantasy-based, imaginary worlds. Unlike his peer students, Götesson was, and still is, beseeched with a raw quest for veritas, and logically so, craving realness, truth, fueled by his years in the middle of nowhere. Having built his esthetics from his surroundings as a boy, he developed the ability to find beauty in the smallest, most mundane details, infusing his everyday life with a nonchalant, laid-back romanticism.

And what then? Fashion? Sure, if Fashion were to tell it like it is, if Fashion were to emerge from the rooted feelings of urban culture’s underbelly. Fashion so strong, it hurts – and mesmerizes. So much so that the young designer debuted his first public collection during London Collections: Men just hours after his graduation show at the Royal College of Arts, expressing a voice fueled by what can only belong to his generation.

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“People are not interested in egos anymore. The system cannot be determined by the aristocrats of fashion, what has happened in the music industry must happen to fashion as well. Fashion needs to reflect more on itself and it needs to be open for everyone. The future is more about collaborative thinking and dialogues between people who want to buy the stuff and the designers themselves.”Per Gotesson Edito Where The Wild Things Are Leclaireur 5

Cut to sculptural pants calling for movement and contemplation. So we danced, we sat, we looked, we took chances, those are the perks of being a wallflower. Per Götesson transcends gender and temporality, blurring and blending any limitation that might slow him down, and with him, comes a fashion so universal, heartfelt and authentic, it’s got little to do with Fashion, and everything to do with Life.

Photographer: Bruno Rizzato for Leclaireur
Model: Ambroise