PAUL HARNDEN – Nostalghia

This season again, Paul Harden sheds a halo of mystery upon his brand new collection. The designer is known to question our relationship with time and fabrics, adding his name to the history of clothing.

His collections are uncanny treasures, from coats, jackets, blazers crafted with tweed, pants and wrinkled skirts, shoes, hats included, withstanding the passing of time.

AW 2017-18 Paul Harnden Leclaireur

Paul Harnden has always nurtured his creations with an unmatched sincerity and an authentic, hand-crafted process. He has developed a raw, yet refined esthetic, inspired by the British countryside, the Amish culture, as well as clothes worn during the American Civil War, the pre-industrial revolution, as well as all the information he’s unearthed from archives dating all the way back to 1779.

AW 2017-18 Paul Harnden Leclaireur

An ecologist at heart, Paul Harnden only works with materials he can find around him, taking from the Earth what it’s willing to offer him. The jackets and coats are crafted with thick tweeds, the shirts with rugged linens, and the leather shoes have a particular patina, which only the Canadian designer knows how to produce. Sometimes, he goes as far as to bury his creations in the ground for weeks to achieve a natural worn out effect, letting nature complete his work.

Tea Paul Harnden Leclaireur

Paul Harnden started his career as a shoemaker, more than 25 years ago. Admired by John Galliano, the very private and reserved designer has nurtured an unmatched know-how that echoes our forefathers’ traditions. Now settled in Brighton, England, his passion for pinhole cameras demonstrates his relationship with time and modern techniques, illustrated by his pictures and his short movie « The Dream » shot on 16mm film, co-directed with his acolyte, Stuart Pitkin.

AW 2017-18 Paul Harnden Leclaireur

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