TRANOÏ x Philippe Di Méo – Indelible

TRANOÏ Parfums welcomes the avant-garde of the fragrance world at the Fashion and Design City. For this second edition, founder of Liquides Imaginaires Philippe Di Méo has been invited to come up with more than a simple original fragrance: an idea, a concept, a concrete incarnation of the creative force at work behind the making of an original scent.parfumindelebile-dimeo-tranoi01

The fragrance as a permanent « marker », an olfactory imprint… But of course! Parfum Indélébile is blue. A Waterman kind of blue. And it stains.

Of all our senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful one. Any new smell leaves its mark, which the mind remembers for a long, long time, and holds on to for decades, even without any boost along the way.parfumindelebile-dimeo-tranoi03

« Perfume leaves an indelible memory. » The message is clear enough, it’s now time for a little action. Looking to leave a lasting olfactory imprint? TRANOÏ Parfums and Philippe Di Méo have got your back. Parfum Indélébile stains the skin, your clothes and opens a gateway to personal creative freedom in an unprecedented form. With this signature fragrance, you’re bound to leave more than a mere trail.parfumindelebile-dimeo-tranoi04

Di Méo has combined ink-related scents together. Think markers, gouaches, and metal. Add blue camomile, tuberose, almond and clove – to name a few. The fragrance, particular and utterly surprising, raises memories from way back when… Blotting paper scattered with fingerprints, night runs – spray-paint hidden in your back pocket: it reeks, in the best possible way, of childhood, youth and creative madness.

And yet, the designer is not one to draw on nostalgia. His fragrances are known to be built upon modernity, like many bridges connecting the past to the future, infused with artistic, literary, historical and sensitive structures. But nostalgia? Never.parfumindelebile-dimeo-tranoi08

For TRANOÏ, Di Méo has created a one-of-a-kind fragrance, pushing the limits of his concept, turning a wild idea into a concrete head turner. During the Salon, visitors are invited to stop by the spray booth and to experiment on a white t-shirt, theirs to keep.

Exceptionally, 12 limited editions of the Parfum Indélébile spray will be available (each one comes with its bag and its white t-shirt) from Saturday, June 25th, at LECLAIREUR and the Bar à Liquides. Once these twelve copies are sold, all that will remain are the hint – and the stains – of an adventure, left forever in a corner of our collective mind.parfumindelebile-dimeo-tranoi09

And because joy comes in waves, TRANOÏ has extended an invitation to Toxic – yes, street artist Toxic will be attending – to tag the garment of your choice with a special « spray can » of… Parfum Indélébile.

Six exclusive copies of the fragrance – with all its fixings – are available from June 25th at LECLAIREUR Sévigné and at Liquides.

Creative direction: Philippe Di Méo & La Frenchy (Mary-Noelle Dana and Michaël Hadida)
Film: Frédéric De Pontcharra
Assisting Director: Laurent Rochette
Pictures: Laure Bernard
Model: Tom Migné
Music: Aysam Rahmania
Hair and make-up: Jacques Uzzardi (@kaptive)