PAD London 2016 : Art + Design

Since the opening of its first store in 1980, LECLAIREUR has made it a point of shining a light on fashion and design’s most precious qualities, celebrating expression and know-how in the name of innovative and uncommon esthetic. And while all five parisian stores support the vanguard of creation and convey LECLAIREUR’s DNA, Martine & Armand Hadida recently opened a new space in Los Angeles, in large part dedicated to design.



On the occasion of its first-ever PAD Paris participation last February, LECLAIREUR had chose to present a Ben Storm piece. The “In Vein” marble trestle table, doubling with a mirror, earned the Best Contemporary Design Prize.

The next step in the adventure will logically take place October 5-9, with London hosting its own PAD edition, celebrating its 10th anniversary at Berkeley Square with more than 65 exhibitors from all around the world. This time, LECLAIREUR will offer its guests and visitors artworks by five designers: Pierre Bonnefille, Von Pelt, Nino Calos, Ronald Mallory and Studio Tangent.



French artist Pierre Bonnefille is a color alchemist, who alters colors and tones to the effect of a mineral skin of sorts. Toying with light and textures, he adapts them to the volumes for which they are intended. For more than 25 years, Bonnefille’s works have resembled echoes of nature, of all the transformations it endures, throughout seasons. For the « Bronze » collections, he used bronze powder inside a metallic frame, creating abstract landscapes which allude erosion, the brutal strength of nature’s elements and the telluric energies he tries to capture – while always renewing his artistic techniques..


The XXth Century Italian artist – who pursued a PhD in Philosophy – chose to manipulate light and movement so as to create mental landscapes. His artworks is reminiscent of such notions as the infinitely big and the infinitely small, the cosmos and inner life. He contributed to develop lumina kinetic Art with his friend Frank J. Malina, an esthetic in which the use of electricity to create movement and light inside a frame. Optical illusions, with color-changing circular forms, vibrate and dance at the surface of the artwork.

VON PELTvan-pelt-leclaireur-table-amber-million-2016-2

They are French, Spanish, German sculptors, textile researchers, craftsmen… Under Desiree Mejer’s leadership, these designers bring their skills and talents together, to create a common esthetic.
The « Meteorites » tables, halfway between sculpture and painting, were designed in Berlin in 2016 for LECLAIREUR. Their natural aspect is enhanced by colored pigments which give to the artwork a dizzying and hypnotic aura, like the pictures taken from space, which the collective based their initial work on.


Before devoting himself to abstract art, Ronald Mallory studied architecture and worked alongside Oscar Niemeyer. He was pouring paint on canvas before opting for mercury in one of his first kinetic artworks in 1965, an extremely difficult component to tame, to add volume to his work. Thanks to his motorized artworks and his personal experience with mercury, Mallory created a vast array of striking visual elements and infinite landscapes.


Founded in 2015 by Hideki Yoshimoto, after a number of academic years spent studying design, innovation and spatial engineering, Studio Tangent is a London-based label that thrives to reinvent design through a technological prism.
The goal? To reach new ways of experiencing and interacting with everyday objects. The Kihou table, which LECLAIREUR will display at PAD London, features LED technology beneath a silicone coat against which bubbles come bursting. With the liquid, organic feel, Tangent offers a new way of apprehending light itself.