PAD London 2016 – Across the Channel

LECLAIREUR was on London time, this week, with PAD London, synchronizing its watches with 64 other galleries, gathered in the heart of Mayfair to celebrate the show’s 10 years anniversary, amongst other goals.


As design lovers, Martine and Armand Hadida chose to create two spaces and two unique atmospheres, and to captivate visitors with pieces by Nino Calos, Von Pelt, Studio Tangent, Ronald Mallory and Pierre Bonnefille.

Nino Calos caught the eye and stirred up curiosity with his kinetic frames. His luminous tryptic, as enticing as it is hypnotic, created a visual poetry of sorts, with its shifting background and the nearby presence of Studio Tangent’s shiny, black table and its LED incrustations which shed their light on bursting bubbles, creating nothing short of an organic and technologic intrigue.


Ronald Mallory’s pieces offered a playful break to visitors, eager to turn them upside-down, setting free the mercury within, which creates new imageries and unsuspected patterns with each drip. In its second space, LECLAIREUR invited director, creator and color alchemist Pierre Bonnefille to imagine a peace haven amidst the exhibition’s quivering heart. In the “Bronze Box”, time suspends its course, and visitors are invited to gently meditate in the warm glow of four copper paintings.



Desiree Mejer, mastermind of the Von Pelt collective, Pierre Bonnefille, and Hideki Yoshimoto from Studio Tangent graced the show with their attendance, and shared with us their impressions in a series of interviews. Stay tuned.