No Name Kitchen Manufacture — No name, no concessions.

No Name Kitchen Manufacture imagines and builds luxury kitchens that are highly functional, sublime in everyday life, and without concessions.


To understand the deep friendship that binds Roland Szélé and Armand Hadida, we need to go back in time, to the very beginning of LECLAIREUR. In the midst of opening his very first boutique, Armand makes a radical, intuitive and primordial choice, blending expressions of creativity, and includes object and furniture design in his landscape. Which is when he meets Roland, sales director for Bulthaup, for whom the kitchen is quite simply the epicentre of the home. For Armand, it’s the space of sharing par excellence, for creating, for encounters and exchanges. What the two men conceive together becomes, immediately, the very heart of the store on rue des Rosiers, and those close to Martine and Armand come together around the arts of the table, pleasure and taste.

From customisation to made-to-measure, there’s more than one step — there is a whole chapter. 20 years later, when Roland launches No Name Kitchen Manufacture, LECLAIREUR Hérold welcomes a majestic model of a kitchen, imagined by the Hadidas and created from scratch. It welcomes friends in a timeless, unique space, and offers an exceptional place for culinary creators and gastronomic royalty, inspiring them the desire to showcase their own innovations.


“For the Hérold kitchen”, explains Armand Hadida, “I wanted change the dimensions, lengthen the heights, add contrast, create something contemporary and graphic. For the finishings, I chose patina’d brass, copper, and sustainably treated woods.”

Roland, consciously within the constraints of eco-virtuosity, has ended up creating more than a brand: a signature. Certain noble woods are never used, for ethical, respectful reasons and, well, basic common sense. Everything else is possible: raw materials never used in the industry, laminates that allow for previously unimaginable dimensions, down to the millimetre, thank you very much, notably thanks to the savoir-faire of workshops in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Divergent, as much in the architecture as in the sensibility, No Name kitchens offer vertical storage, with every element therefore accessible, easy to use, and protect. From the organisation to the appliances, each detail is considered, each finishing reinvented, bringing to life unique, exclusive, charismatic kitchens, adapted to those who will use them – and use them right.

The freedom claimed by No Name is absolute — comparison is close to impossible. Except in the words of Alain Ducasse himself, calling LECLAIREUR’s Hérold Kitchen “the Bentley of kitchens.”