NIGHT & DAY – Tableau 2

Leather, from dusk til dawn, from winter to summer, and into the early hours of a new day. Feminine and empowered, half-lit, free to let go, free to forget the constraints of our world, tirelessly in movement. Skin emerging from a Masnada dress, as light and loose as her rippling movements. Black, like a second skin, reptilian, by Junya Watanabe, adomed with metal, made in Saint Laurent. Desperado black, down to the toes, because Ann Demeulemeester wouldn’t have it any other way. Feminine grace dancing, free as a bird, and ready to embrace yet another day.



 Dress: Saint Laurent

Perfecto : Junya Watanabe. Dress : Masnada.


Dress: Saint Laurent.

leclaireur_tableaux_29 - copie

Perfecto : Junya Watanabe. Dress : Masnada.

leclaireur_tableaux_32 copy

leclaireur_tableaux_31 copy

Perfecto: Saint Laurent, Top: Ann Demeulemeester.


Waistcoast: If Six Was Nine, Pants: Saint Laurent, Boots: Ann Demeulemeester