NASOMATTO – Untamed Paradises

Fragrances, like signatures – the kind that belong to unique personalities… Such are the fragrances upon which LECLAIREUR likes to shine light. Fragrances like rich and eccentric calligraphies, rich with rounded loops, unexpected shapes and sharp lines that come together and form hazy edges around distant lands to reflect someone’s most exquisite individual characteristics. Someone special, that is.
« Absinth », « China White », « Black Afghan », « Narcotic Venus »… every single fragrance alludes to synthetic new horizons, whose blurred lines, like oxygen bubbles, conjure the thrill of an image, the memory of a journey to the other side of distant rising dunes: a ocean of sand, Orient and its perfumes, hints of leather, patchouli or jasmine.

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Behind Nasomatto (« mad nose » in Italian) hides the Italian perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri and his famous olfactory genius sense, that which is also responsible for the subtle and natural scents the designer has been bottling up for Orto Parisi’s line since 2007. Such a return to animal nature in its purest form could only lead towards new hedonistic and colorful landscapes encapsulated in fantasized and artificial paradises.
A citric yellow, an ethereal pink, an obsessional black… every single Nasomatto fragrance strikes the eye with its distinct, unmistakable color. Before collaborating with Valentino, Helmut Lang or Versace, Gualtieri was based in Amsterdam. The pharmaceutical company he used to work for frowned its corporate nose at his radical ideas, encouraging him to fly solo and create his own line.

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With Nasomatto, Alessandro Gualtieri thrives to recreate the exciting world he experienced throughout the eighties, and such times as those spent with bedouins, to the point of almost absorbing their smells, driven by curiosity and the discovery of local perfume production secrets, made from natural essences, from which he learned to extract the main element: pure and untamed emotion, so powerful that it leads to addiction and obsession.

Nasomatto’s collection of fragrances — as well as Orto Parisi’s – are available at LECLAIREUR.