MASTER & DYNAMIC – The Sound of Music

Music speaks directly to the soul. Thankfully, Master & Dynamic headphones are able to translate all its nuances and its mysteries.

MH40S2_MModel_Sweater_2017 copie

MH40S2_Lifestyle-Coffee_2016 copie

Master & Dynamic was created in 2014 in the city that never sleeps, New York, birthplace of mythical bands and musical genres. Enthusiasts might see there a joyous sign of faith, others, another excuse to let their minds wander off. With their clean design, as urban as it is vintage, and a rich, truly organic sound restitution, the MH40 and MW60 Master & Dynamic headphones are more than simple accessories… Created in the mind of a rock’n’roll dad frustrated with the unsatisfying sound quality his kids could find, these headphones offer the best space restitution, as well as the right range of emotions and vibrations.MH40S2_FModel-ArmoryShow_2016 copie

With their high-end components, the Master & Dynamic headphones promise at least a decade of musical richness with stainless steel, aluminum and lamb skin – notably used for the cushions, attached with a magnetic setup. The sound is precise, refined, filled with colors, both warm and cristal clear. Their dynamic bass enhance the music’s depth. The MH40 feature a 4,1-feet cable and oxygen-free copper adapters. The bluetooth wireless MW60 are specifically equipped for your nomad on-the-go use.MW60G1_VolumeButton_2016 copie

Stride along the nebulous, sensitive and endless paths liking the brain and the heart. Available at Leclaireur.