Les Liquides Imaginaires — Fruit of Fantasy


Monday February 15.

9.30 am.
Right in the heart of the Maison Victor Hugo we stand, with fresh juices, eclectic sweets — gingerbread with actual crystallized ginger on top — and a subtle, sublime even, tea by Thé-ritoires. Feeling so appreciative for this charmed overflow, and for this private visit of “Eros Hugo, entre pudeur & excès” to brighten up a grey February morning. So much delight, and that oh-so-compelling guest, Ile Pourpre, the latest olfactory creation brought to you by designer-perfume inventor Philippe Di Méo.


10:15 am.
Les Liquides Imaginaires’ founder tells us, Île Pourpre is also the first of a trilogy, its two completing scents set to be introduced the first weeks of 2017 and 2018.
The fragrance is complex. The head notes escape first… Shiso, angelica, incense, Italian bergamot and ginger. Surprising right? What could follow that…?
A hint lands on the stamped strip, and offers even more unexpected depths. Composed like a fruit of fantasy, Île Pourpre was created by Philippe Di Méo and Nadège Le Garlantezec to stir the imagination by reaching deep into the unconscious mind. The scent’s heart, itself so profound, effuses black fig, fenugreek, davana and iris.
And here, between the lines, we feel the exquisite link between the exhibition and the designer’s latest creation. As fresh and arousing as Esmeralda may be, Île Pourpre is at first juvenile, joyful and innocent, before slowly slipping into something more smouldering.

11:00 am.
On the skin, the still mysterious fragrance reveals itself, swathing, adorning. A luxurious, untamed, sophisticated, velvet island. Modest yet excessive, yes, and erotic and tender too. From the highest grounds to the deepest abysses of the Île Pourpre.


Ile Pourpre is available at LECLAIREUR Séviginé.