LECLAIREUR’S CLEARANCE SALE – Hush hush… Loose lips sink ships.

Hello, hello, just how low can we go? Try us. April 20 – 22. 11 am – 8 pm. Leclaireur’s Braderie, otherwise known as our annual clearance, brings you bliss on a platter, and in quantities large enough – and prices low enough – to make your head spin.

Three days during which Leclaireur takes over Le Loft Sévigné, in the heart of the Marais, in Paris, bien-sûr. Three days during which our magical teams will make a point of emptying out all (and we mean ALL) our archival treasure chests.

This year’s Clearance Sale, get your hands on your own personal Holy Grail quest: we’re bringing out everything from 2014 to 2016 in our Men and Womenswear selections.

Three days dedicated to fashion lovers, of course, and style sweethearts too, and, yes, designer darlings, with the kind of price tags that remind you that, truly, your imagination is the only limit.

Three days to get your hands on unobtainable items, timeless must-haves at sweet, and up to 80% off. Sorry. Not Sorry. Shame? What shame? We’ve got game, and so do you.

Three days of tightly-knitted chaos, of organized madness; and of daily arrivals. Yes, we know, we’re making this impossible to resist. That’s what we do.

This is not your Spring treasure hunt, or your regular clearance. We bring you THE clearance sale.

Leclaireur’s clearance sale, April 20 to 22. Le Loft Sévigné.
Be there.