Leclaireur X Máncora Cebicheria : the secret recipe.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and Máncora Cebicheria is getting comfortably settled within the Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas Fornasetti bar. Just like he did in le Haut Marais, Amaury de Montlaur – with help from cebiche royalty Eloy Calagua Llerna – has brought a touch of fresh inventiveness to the table. Made in Paris. Peruvian style.

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As visitors of the rue Boissy d’Anglas destination get to experience the delicious, healthy and soul-soothing culinary inventions the duo has come up with recently, questions flow. What is truly cebichesque, and what isn’t? To get the conversation started, we asked Amaury for his quintessential recipe. Get your knives sharpened and ready, fasten your aprons. Here’s the magic formula to the back-to-basics, timeless Cebiche clásico de maigre.

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For 8 servings

2 pounds of salmon bass
6 juicy limes
1 red onion
2 sweet potatoes
1 bale of cilantro
1 chunk of ginger
2 teaspoons of « limo » chili paste
1 bag of cooked and salted « cancha » corn
1 bag of « Choclo » corn

Squeeze the limes.
Rinse the sweet potatoes in a large volume of cold water. Boil a large pot of water. Add a spoonful of lime juice, a spoonful of brown sugar and let the potatoes bake for 35 minutes, medium to low heat.
Mince up the cilantro, 2 small teaspoons are more than enough.
Mince the red onions, let them soak in a large quantity of water with ice, salt and lime juice.
In a small pot, put a small amount of water to boil. Add the juice of one lime and 2.8 ounces of « choclo » corn. Cook for 15 minutes.
Use a pair of tongs to remove the remaining fishbones. Dice the fish in large cube.
Incorporate 0.3 onces of limo chili paste and a pinch of salt into the juice of four limes.
Add the fish into the marinade, in a medium-size bowl.
Add the minced onions, the cilantro, the cholco and the cancha corn.

¡ Cebiche para todos !

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The cancha corn is a Peruvian corn. It adds a crunchy bite to the cebiche, but can also be served as an appetizer.
You can find the corn bags and chili paste in your local Peruvian shops – in Paris at « El Inti » (17, rue de Picardie – 75003 Paris) or « Latino Market » (55 Boulevard Lefebvre – 75015 Paris)