LECLAIREUR x Ducasse: The Morel is the Story

Last month, LECLAIREUR and the Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse launched the first in a series of four cooking classes. Coming in May, the Morel is on stage!

Morel mushrooms, scientifically known as “morchella”, grow in an array of colors (currently the number of morel species is tallied at over 50!) and feature in the cuisines of many cultures. And they are even more wild than some of their mushroom cousins, growing not just in forests, but also regularly populating terrain razed by fire. Prized by chefs over the world, there are endless ways to prepare and enjoy this honeycomb-capped delicacy, down to the most simple: sautéing with butter, salt and pepper. Mouth already watering? You can look forward to enjoying them while learning some tasty recipes during the Morel Class — May 5 in the NO NAME kitchen at LECLAIREUR Hérold from 7pm to 9pm — taught by École Ducasse’s Executive Chef Julien Mercier himself.


Creative Direction: Violette Stehli & La Frenchy (Dara Lynn Schlissel & Michael Hadida) for LECLAIREUR.
Images & Editing: Violette Stehli & Gaël Link.
Voice: Dara Lynn Schlissel.