Leclaireur X – Collaborative Reinvention

Leclaireur X, formerly known as Shigoto Project, is the groundbreaking collaboration between the industry’s finest selection of designers and suppliers. The result of this venture’s second chapter translates their shared values of Work and Truth.

Nurturing the designers in the creation of unique, exciting work, we aim to shed some light on the levels of beauty and imagination that occur when creative freedom becomes the bottom line.
With this liberty, the designers involved in Leclaireur X have produced extraordinary and truly original pieces, which we are thrilled to present during Première Vision – February 7-9, before getting them out into the world for people to see and wear.

Looking to ignite the conversation and raise awareness on today’s craftsmanship, Leclaireur X continuously engages the industry’s most exciting designers to dream and create freely, with extensive research and a use of fabrics that are atypical today — rare, archival, hi-tech, or simply exotic.

Extending our commitment to slow, considerate fashion design, Leclaireur X is currently developing and curating fabrics woven and produced by Faliero Sarti, A Girls, Bonotto Archive, Lyria and Schoeller.

The fabrics, created by these master weavers, were at the disposal of all selected designers, to use on their own, or to mix with other textiles of their choice.

We invited each guest-designer to render their personal interpretation of the tuxedo jacket. As the main focus of a silhouette, this jacket is a garment in transition. Designers were free to respect its evening wear status, or to transform it into a less formal jacket. They were also given the liberty to complete the jacket with whatever pieces they deemed necessary, in order to produce a complete outfit.

All Leclaireur X creations will be exclusively available at Leclaireur, in rare and limited editions, as early as March 2017.