SOLO EXPERIENCE – Episode One : Alejandra Ribera

One location, one performer, one solo: Alejandra Ribera was so inspired by Paris that she moved to the French capital and stayed long enough to write her entire new album. In between tour dates, recording and mixing, the Canadian singer-songwritter graciously agreed to lend her voice to Solo Experience, a musical and visual trilogy, imagined and conceived hand in hand with Studio Jungle.

Her subtle vibrato and soft, enchanting lyrics have been melting hearts since the very first record. A world tour, living up to her hispanic heritage, unique sensibility, and singular way of inhabiting a stage with poise and humor, achieved convincing both crowds and critics.


Coat : Yang Li

So, ring and let yourself through the double door, walk along the wax faces, glide beneath the Lindsey Adelman chandelier… Follow the soothing voice that leads you towards the heart of the Rue Hérold, under the archway, where fashion is experienced differently, intimately. Like a tiny dancer in a magic box, Alejandra unfolds, centered on her axle, moved by an inner music. The rasp in her voice, infused with the vulnerability a capella singing implies, beckons and calls. With each vibration, a new outfit.

And so, Uma Wang, Aganovich, Guidi, Yang Li, and Paul Harnden, succeed to one another. Just like this space from Rue Hérold and the artist, each of those designers is known to create out of time, far from the tumultuous modern world, parsimoniously, qualitatively, with time, and with heart.




Coat : Aganovich


Total Look : Paul Harnden


Total Look : Uma Wang
Boots : Guidi


Coat : Ziggy Chen


Shoes : Guidi


Creative Direction: Studio Jungle & La Frenchy (Mary-Noelle Dana & Michael Hadida) pour LECLAIREUR
Directors: Studio Jungle
Photographer: LECLAIREUR
Singer: Alejandra Ribera
Make-up: Kasya Furtak
Hair: Yumiko Hikage
Sound engineer: Romain Drogoul