LAYER-0 – Modern dreaming, from scratch

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Nestled in the countryside of la bella Italia, Alessio Zero is busy. Busy making clothes, busy making shoes, busy creating images that articulate his unique vision and voice, and express the romantic, sea-faring poetry that lives in his soul. So busy is this man that his creations do pretty much all the talking. And we are thankful for them! His vision, ultra-modern, artisanal and almost ghostly at the same time, call to mind the novel Ocean Sea, written by fellow Italiano Alessandro Baricco — both convey a place where strange and exceptionally styled dreamers converge to share a fleeting camaraderie, a precious moment, rare these days, where time does that fabulous thing of slowing down.

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Which is how it feels to behold the up-turned toe boots, leather and denim jeans, and fitted jackets and blazers that are the identifiable traits of Layer-0 creations. These garments are cut by a master’s hand, the denims, leathers and canvases so technically, fashionably today – even tomorrow – exude with deeply-considered construction from a tradition that goes back centuries. Zero’s shoes and boots, also handmade with waxed, oiled and otherwise treated leathers, feel and look like art pieces, with the highest levels of craftsmanship all the way down to the nailed-in leather soles.

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As a known figure in the resurgence of slow, artisanal fashion, Zero gives us pieces that gently, oh-so-beautifully, insist that we appreciate heritage, that we appreciate materials, and that we relish in the luxury of slowing down.LAYER-0 EDITO47956 copie

Layer-0 clothing and shoes are available at LECLAIREUR Hérold.

The slow, very slow world of Alessio Zero.
The slow, very slow world of Alessio Zero.