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KANGHYUK - Collection 2_11

Monday, June 26, as a parting nod to the Parisian Fashion Week, Kanghuyk will display his second collection, showcasing a vision so personal, it’s already conquered the hearts of the public and the critics alike.

KANGHYUK - Collection 2_12 Leclaireur
Exclusively available in France at Leclaireur Sévigné – also presented at H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles and Machine-A in London, notably – it ranges from jackets to pants, caps and other items, including trench coats in black or white tones. The blacks are almost see-through, the whites are pierced by red piping, almost as if they were summed up to their primal function: to dress and protect its wearer.

KANGHYUK Collection 2 on WOMEN_10 Leclaireur

Kanghyuk Choi was born in South Korea. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, he created his first collection for the Spring Summer 2017 season, deconstructing airbags, using their pure shape to turn them into handmade garments, that seem escaped from a sci-fi movie.

KANGHYUK - Collection 2_16 Leclaireur

The designer uses original materials to create urban, active silhouettes that suit their natural environnement, in a wardrobe so radical, it’s modern, almost futuristic.

See what the future is made of, exclusively at Leclaireur Sévigné, June 26 onwards.