JUUN J – Übermen on the loose

January 2016, Florence: there’s a new man in town. A sculptural kind of a man, a perfect embodiment of Nietzsche’s Hyperman, freed from boundaries. A man emerging as a new individual in a post-apocalyptic world… made new too.

The invitation to attend Pitti Uomo 89 in Florence for the first time, was an opportunity for Juun J to share his Fall/Winter 2016, as well as his vision of “street tailoring”. Through his eyes, the body becomes the garment, the clothing becomes the body, in a chameleon-like dynamic, shape-shifting to best suit its environment.



Juun J collection at LECLAIREUR

Fabric takes the body over, from head to toe, protecting it. Shielded by football-inspired shoulder pads. Molding an imposing stature shelled by leather motorcycle and bomber jackets. Defining an undeniable, assertive presence that maintains an utmost elegance.


Waist hugging pants, floor-length coats and scarves majestically lengthen the silhouette, emphasize it extremely. The neutral, monochromatic palette keeps the momentum going, unfolding from black to skin tones, giving the collection harmony and poise. Like an apparition, blurring the lines between genders, the Korean designer even toys with perception, combining matching shoes with leather pants, creating the illusion of men thigh boots.



Juun J collection at LECLAIREUR

Juun J defines his modern version of men as an individual beyond “Gender” and « Boundaries », words he writes on chests and sleeves, as a statement, reminding that masculinity today transcends genres and genders, in every single way.juun-j0038-leclaireur-fw16

Discover the Fall/Winter 2016 Juun J collection at LECLAIREUR.