JUNYA WATANABE – The Ringmaster

Junya Watanabe has long delighted us with his uses of hoops throughout his Comme des Garçons tenure. In skirts, in dresses, in wraps, time and time again, the Japanese designer surprises us with a new application of this hundreds year-old sculptural fashion device. And yes, ladies and gents, he’s done it again. His SS16 collection is dotted with hoop delight — a stunningly rich palette of the lightest-weight blended tricot is stretched over the circles, each one torqued into what geometricians and their fans would term a hyperbolic paraboloid. All connected, the shapes create joyous, light, ever-so-slightly bounding armor-like silhouettes that surrounds the body — a knee-length dress or a shorter poncho — and recalls a certain type of tribal necklace out of Kenya when contracted together to wrap the shoulders and neck.


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JUNYA WATANABE Collection for women

These Statement Pieces (in case you weren’t sure) are even more than that. The brights, splendidly complemented by neutrals and artfully distributed, are indeed eye-catchers. The hoops are enthrallingly… hoopy — fun and darling and femme. Yet from a pure wearability perspective, these pieces are spot on generous, flexible and easy to don. They call to mind sci-fi as much as they do the plains of Africa, but they also want to make you stand inside them and twirl around. Irrespective of their exact inspirational source, it’s pretty clear that Junya Watanabe wants us to play.

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These latest creations from Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garçons are available at LECLAIREUR Sévigné. Go on, have a twirl.