JACQUES MARIE MAGE – Written in the Stars

From Paris to Hollywood, across the deliciously rough paved streets of le Marais and under Santa Monica’s palm trees, sunglasses by Jacque Marie Mage reign. And rightly so: the French eyewear designer house’s creativity is infinite.

Jacques Marie Mage Leclaireur


Inspired by pop culture icons, infused with the kind of spirited legends that make rockstars, movie myths, and American folk singers the staples of our contemporary lore, Jacques Marie Mage frames are timeless.

IMG_34671 copy copie

Dabble in contemplation Pasolini-style, sport up your gaze in true Steve McQueen fashion, or easy-ride your way towards the sunset. Like tokens of the late 60s American counterculture, these sunglasses have a hunger for freedom, and reach for the stars.




Based in Los Angeles since the early 00s, French designer Jérôme Mage founded his brand, striving for excellence and holding individuality in high rank, like an unconditional right, almost, elevating eyewear to the rank of jewelry. Made with high-end materials, rare woods, sterling silver, or 18 carat gold, the Jacques Marie Mage glasses bear the mark of Italian and Japanese craftsmanship. Everything in their bold, pure lines and their robust – yet light as air – frames, their color and pattern range – tortoiseshell, sunburst, Burgundy, springtime green screams luxurious times spent in the sun, or the spotlights…

Jacques Marie Mage Leclaireur


Fair and ethical production methods, clever references, and indisputable inspiration. So very French. So very L.A.

Black&White Picture: Larry Niehues