Miyake, Thoughts in Motion

Miyake embodies Descartes’ words and take it up a notch. He acts, therefore he is..

Projecting his whole spirit towards tomorrow, the Miyake man lets time take its course. Thoughts decanting slowly, filled with intentions, wrapped in overplayed intertwined fabrics, he revels in his inner wealth.

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Coat and pants by Issey Miyake, sneakers by The Last Conspiracy.

His abstract thread of thoughts is embodied by the steady prints of his pants and calf-lengthed kimono.

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Left: pleated kimono. Right: blue jacket, grey kimono, red jacket.

Comfortably protected by an ample shell, he lets his mind and body breathe and move freely, fueled with the perpetual dynamism of his will.

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Anchored in his era, he knows when to detach himself and how to keep his cool. Just like Miyake, tradition in one hand, the contemporary world in the other, with cold and warm tones to show how thoughts and actions can go together, how there can’t be one, without the other.

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Kimono, pants and scarf by Issey Miyake. Shirt by Comme des Garçons. Sneakers by The Last Conspiracy.


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