HORISAKI – The Mad Hatter

Hats. Hats imagined and conceived like artworks, like paintings even, with soft, controlled, statuesque pleats. That’s how the two designers – at work behind Swedish label Horisaki – create.leclaireur-horisaki-02

Makoto Horisaki, a Japanese jeweler, was living in Stockholm when he met Karin, a hatter for the Royal Court of Sweden. Both shared the same love for Nature. Both nurtured one same desire: to leave the big city for a simpler life and a new approach to work itself, one that might allow them to fall in synch with the rhythm of elemental forces – Fire and Water.


Sweater: Saint Laurent
Coat: Rick Owens

And so they did. As the duo evolved into a couple per se, they left Stockholm for a big distant farm, and launched their eponymous label.

Their return to Nature led them to a very traditional, pure and luxurious handcraft. The skins they carefully choose are hand-processed, with ancestral techniques. The skins are burnt and water-washed before being moulded. This incredible lengthy process is what gives the pieces their incomparable raw look and robustness as well as an uncanny flexibility. Once those steps are completed, a soft patina is applied, resulting in a unique vintage look.leclaireur-horisaki-04

Each hat requires weeks of work ; every stage is made by hand, patiently, carefully, in the Horisaki farm.
Cuts are plain, sharp, borderline destroyed, even, but always convey a great sense of aesthetic.leclaireur-horisaki-03

Should, every now and then, electricity be used along the creative process sometimes, Horisaki proudly notes that every single piece is by nature, auto-sufficient, and could be shaped using just the powers of water and fire.


Jacket: Carol Christian Poell


Coat and pants: Rick Owens


Sweater: Lost & Found


Jacket: Red Eyes


There’s more than one story held in Horisaki hats. Discover all of them at LECLAIREUR Sévigné, Hérold, Champs-Elysées.

All hats by Horisaki

Pictures and styling: LECLAIREUR
Model: Ambroise