A very Herold Christmas – Let it flow.

Intimate, cozy and human. If this is your idea of the 2016 holiday spirit, then Leclaireur Herold’s selection is made for you. Feel at home and favor your loved ones with rare or unique gifts.


Enjoy an exclusive look into Jean-Michel Othoniel’s world, with a limited edition book.

MA+ delicately pens inspiration around your neck.


White? Red perhaps? Forget the velvet cake, dismiss the liquid of gods. We bring you Guidi’s white or red collections – the very embodiment of softness.


Wood ovens are so passé! Witness the most original, efficient and handsome pizza oven: the Chadwick Oven brings the right amount of pizzaz to your life. Need a timeless holiday recipe? Here. Grazie mille.

Those Griffe glasses. Enough said.


Need to carry the smoothness of upscale leather with you – and with style – anytime, anywhere? We give you the MA+ bag, wallet and pouches, and the Wersktatt:Munchen x Leclaireur belt.

Have you been bad, so bad…? #NaughtyForLife
Look at it this way: there’s always room for improvement. And you still deserve a little something. Oh, snap. Here comes an Undercover hat, complete with detachable horns?

From Deepti‘s silver woven jacket to the latest “Sheperd” Undercover collection, including hats by Horisaki, exclusive pieces by Werkstatt:Munchen and scarves by Faliero Sarti, there’s a myriad of other wonders awaiting behind Leclaireur Herold’s double doors.

“Be our guest, be a part of la fête, oui la fête…” – Nathalie, Leclaireur Hérold