Hapter glasses were made with fearless pioneers in mind, the kind whose bravery knows no boundaries, who’ve faced a thousand dangers, conquered earth, cheated death and stepped beyond their boundaries.

Hapter and Leclaireur’s first collaboration gave us a glimpse of a post modern world. The second one – under the name Asphalt, it included two designs – is the kind of adventure that lures us with tales that invite us on journeys rather than the destination itself. Extreme sensory experiences are conveyed through minimalistic design. The frames’ peculiar texture echoes the erosion of stones, raw materials, and of course, the unknown.

HAPTER x Leclaireur asphalt lunettes

Founded by Eric and Mirko, Hapter was born from a happy coincidence: on one of their expeditions into the dangerous Italian dolomites (their playground since childhood), the duo stumbled upon an old pair of military spectacles, a World War I forgotten treasure. A few years later, in 2013, they presented their first collection. Leclaireur’s heart skipped a beat, felt the brand’s potential, and fell in love with the TXTL001 style.HAPTER x Leclaireur Asphalt lunettes

The Hapter glasses were crafted in Belluno, at the foot of those very Italian Dolomites, in workshops thought of as contemporary art laboratories, where technology and 500 years old artisanal techniques come together. The Asphalt line was made in a high-end textured rubber and feather-light stainless steel that stress the impressions left by nature, and life experiences. HAPTER x Leclaireur Asphalt lunettes

« There is more than one way to reach the top » whisper Hapter in our ear. Whichever way suits you better, make sure you drop by Leclaireur to check out the Asphalt glasses and their timeless design.