In our wildest dreams, the Fall/Winter 2016 Haider Ackermann collection is an invitation to assert ourselves, a heeding call to infiltrate the scented lounge alcoves of Shanghai, Marrakech or Buenos Aires. It also beckons us to join an imaginary cartel led by iron-yet-gentle-handed legends like Kurozawa, Ennio Morricone and Tarantino. Yes, we do dream big.

The Haider Ackermann esthetics thrive on travels and mysteries, as well as a worldly shape-shifting culture of sorts, towards which the designer was privy growing up. The son of a cartographer, and an Yves Saint Laurent long-time admirer, we just see the French designer as the one leading us, by now, onto far distances and close encounters, over here and farther away, until unknown lands are reached, where colors and fabrics reunite and merge.

haider_ackermann_fallwinter2016_look_13 LECLAIREUR

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Fall/Winter 2016 Haider Ackermann collection for women

Silk blends with velvet, leather and satin, kaki shirts combined with reptilian patterns, fuchsia and orange, get in line with velvety purple ankle boots. Both Men and Women silhouettes share the same natural, slender, almost nonchalant yet sophisticated elegance.haider-ackermann-men-fw16-01 LECLAIREUR

Fall/Winter 2016 Haider Ackermann collection for men

The bohemian couple conjured by Ackermann expresses a wild and cerebral sensuality. His eyes are wide open and facing East, he’s wearing a Mao collar shirt and a silk jacket with leather pants, and his persona triggers an oh so peculiar spark and gaze, over and over. Meanwhile, Her androgynous nature expresses utter sensuality. Her neck, like a bridge between her body and her spirit, is bare. Her Saharan jacket get a rise out of her dandy romantic velvet pants… She’s ready for adventure.

haider_ackermann_fallwinter2016_look_33 LECLAIREUR

Within this maelstrom of electric sensations, Haider Ackermann mixes up influences and pushes doors wide open, onto a world, other worlds, onto « a world in-between » where nothing else, save for the right dose of attitude, truly matters.

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