GUIDI — These boots were made for… everything.

From the luxuriant hills of Tuscany comes footwear for discriminating tastes across the globe.


1896 was quite a year for the arts. It graced us with the births of Breton, Gershwin and Fitzgerald, as well as the premiere performances of La Bohème and Salomé. Inspiration coming in waves, as the story says, it struck, that same year, up the hills of Tuscany and into the minds of three Italian craftsmen, Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo, known for their exceptional work in leather.

Bringing their skills together, they unveiled the “Conceria Guidi e Rosellini”, now known as GUIDI, which would go on to produce its own masterpieces in adornment for what is arguably our most utile and exercised appendage pair, the feet.

The Industrial Revolution was well underway, but Guidi, Rosellini and Ulivo chose to stay true to traditional techniques. Tanners by trade, these three perfectionists took cues from their regional guild, formed in the XIVth century, by bringing together the art of creating precious leathers, and the design and fabrication of footwear for the discerning.


Today, Ruggero Guidi continues the craft of his forefathers, balancing new technologies with ancient savoir-faire. GUIDI hides are supple, artful and sturdy, and the foliation technique used in creating the soles and variously shaped heels translates into comfortable, long lasting, superb looking forms on the foot. The GUIDI palette runs from neutral to the most vibrant of colors, and their small-run, limited edition designs are clean, unconventional and, well, transcendant.

Collectors worldwide, in professions ranging from financier to chef to dancer, remain as loyal to their GUIDIs as the founders did to their own heritage — a perfect metaphor of time shrugging off its own weight to leap forward, with style.

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