GIULIANO BEKOR – Shadows on the Wall

Modernismo M14, Giuliano Bekor’s latest piece, brings its pop art inspired touch to Leclaireur Los Angeles.
Of pop art inspiration, the giant print of a 2013 picture by the Israeli photographer celebrates a glorified sense of femininity. Shadows and light, bending new curves in abstract shapes, open a new world of interpretations.Giuliano Bekor Leclaireur Los Angeles

The piece, protected with plexiglas, is broken down into twenty 14×14 inches squares, like a puzzle of sorts. The artist’s touch, both graphic and pictural esthetic, was developed while working with the most renowned models and actors in Hollywood.Giuliano Bekor Leclaireur Los Angeles

Intensity is at the core of his work. His use of archival ink on metallic archival paper exacerbates the conflict between white and black tones, while the scarlet and feverish red, stimulates the eye, amping up the shapes’ mystery and the picture’s depth.

Dive into Modernismo M14 at Leclaireur Los Angeles.

Once assembled, the piece measures 70×56 inches.