G-STAR RAW RESEARCH x AITOR THROUP – Let’s Do The Time Warp again

Exploring denim’s future is what Aitor Throup’s latest collaboration with G- Star RAW Research collection is all about. Only available, in Paris, at LECLAIREUR.

17184001_rawresearch_set2_021 LECLAIREUR

This capsule collection is all about experimenting with urban and body architecture, with denim at its center. The fabric is shaped in three dimensions, parkas feature integrated backpacks, and bombers sport utilitarian straps… On each piece, the English (Argentinian-born) designer toys with Italian overstitched selvedge denim, breathing new life into it.





Throup’s appeal for anatomy and movement, the same that can be found in his own label New Object Research, inhabits every single one of this 20-piece collection. Using denim’s stiffness to create shape, he’s given life to an exoskeleton of sorts, which manages to look alive, even when uninhabited.
Creases around the ankles, combining both a chino’s and raw denim pants’ qualities, retain the visual impact of worker-biker jeans.
Throup and G-Star also take on the bomber jacket, splitting it to impart unexpected volumes and comfort.

17184001_rawresearch_set7_013 LECLAIREUR

Experimentation doesn’t stop there. The indigo denim itself, turned legendary in part thanks to the legends who’ve worn it, from such cowboys like Marlon Brando and James Dean to the curvaceous Marylin Monroe, gets its fair share of rough treatment, sometimes bleached into completion, bleached until it turns lunar white. One small step separates the Far West and the Interstellar Space. Aitor Throup and G-Star RAW take it together, and the landing is spectacular.

17182003_d03672-8564-001_f_016 LECLAIREUR G STAR AITOR THROUP

17182003_d03687-8564-8027_f_012 LECLAIREUR G STAR AITOR THROUP

Exclusively available at LECLAIREUR Herold, Sevigne and Champs Elysées.